Database problem


I have 3 collections: a user collection (name, mdp, code, program name), a program collection (with data, videos, and a code collection (name code, programme name).
In the user collection there is a property “code” and a program name.
In the code collection there are 2 properties a code and a program (it’s a link between a code and a program). A code has one programme. But many codes have the same program.
I want to give the user the good program corresponding to his code.

I am totally lost. I know how to do in SQL but not in Adalo.

Thank you

Hey @Nirvana Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

Can you show me how you’d do it with SQL? I’ll see if I can explain this for you in Adalo.

Thanks for the welcome message. I discover Adalo 10 days ago and it’s amazing (except for the database ^^).
We are a small team but we have many projects :slight_smile:

Here is what I want to do:
A user have a code.
This code gives access to a program (many codes give access to the same program). The program has many items.
With his code, the user “enters” into the good program and then have access to item 1 and the next time he has access to item 2 etc until the end of the program.
I don’t know how to link code and program (I have a collection code_programm) and how to increment the item (so the user doesn’t have to see the previous items every time).

Sorry for my english.