Database collection count

Something got updated in Adalo and now my automatic sign-up and login do not work. I will explain…
I have set up automatic actions on a screen to sign up and log in to the account. The generation of a new user’s email was dependent on database count +1 and the same password for all accounts (see picture). In that way, people do not need to create accounts themselves, but I can save some info about users’ choices and create actions based on that.
The problem that popped up lately, my database count gives me always 1 (see pictures), when I clearly have fewer than 1.
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot 2021-10-28 at 11.46.27

Hi Maxi,

Looks right to me, but I’d delete the “User count” and re-add it. I just did a quick test on my app and had no problems displaying the user count.

What’s the use case / reasoning behind this sign up method? It seems like there’s more issues than not by creating bogus email addresses to let users log in.

  • They can’t reset their passwords
  • They’ll have to create a new log in every time they go to the app…

Why not just remove the log in all together? Or have them log in with usernames if you don’t want to use email addresses?

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