User Email already Exists... Can't log in only create new on database

I have read all the past issues regarding this and mine seems different, I can not sign a user up via the sign in form or it says “user email already exists” But I can go into the database and enter all the info in manually which works… But heres the other problem, I can not even log into my app with the existing email account. When I log in, it says the same thing about the password. Now im stuff because I can not preview my app.

I had cleaned out all the 'RECORDS" just before doing this to see if that was the problem (as my app is still in development I didn’t mind starting over and cleaning them out) But now I can’t do anything regarding signing in or logging in.

Any advice? Thank you in advance. (Yes I also put in a ticket but thought someone might have an answer before I hear back from Adalo)

Hi @joelnest :wave::wave:

This happened to me also. First I cleared the records in my User’s collection and I reloaded the page and it works. I hope this will help you. And others will also share their experience.
And @joelnest are you using the type of the form for login to login?

Thank you :blush::blush:

Hi @joelnest ,

Other ideas would be to use Copy from App Access in Settings left panel, or make it cloneable and you clone it to another account.

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Yes Adalo is looking into it right now. But I think the data is lingering somewhere and I can not see it or delete it. I am using a login for users so unfortunately I can not even bypass it to test out the app while Adalo looks into the issue.

I have tried all these already

Hi @joelnest,

In Users collection there are 4 properties, which have a “lock” when you open them, see like here:

One of these properties is Password. In your case, which ones are the 3 remaining?

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor
The 4 are Email, Password, Full Name and Family Name :grin:


Do you remember changing their names / moving them around?

One time I’ve seen a rare issue: app maker has renamed these “built-in” fields to something else, rearranged them etc. Then he renamed them back. The problem is that it’s impossible to recognize which of the fields was an email. So, original email field had become the other one.

The problem is that this field is checked for uniqueness by default internally, so when it’s not filled in upon sign-up - Adalo DB considers it to be empty and may throw the error “User with such email exists”.

This field name change is very rare case, but it’s worth checking.
Try to put all 3 in the signup form, make them non-essential, and check 3 times - which one will allow you to sign up and which one not.

Otherwise it could be some internal app DB problem which requires support intervention.

Best regards, Victor

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