Many users simultaneously - no log in

My app doesn’t require signing up and logging in. As soon as you visit the URL, you’re in.

Here’s the thing:

The app includes a big button, and I set up a database with a counter and a rule – Each time this button is clicked, the counter grows by 1.

I can’t test it with a lot of users right now, but what should happen when 100 people visit the website at the same time and click on the button at the same time? Will the counter grow by 100? Or will there be an issue because there’s no logging in involved?

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If I visit and click the button it’s counting as 1 for that item and you visit and click the button then 2 then another one comes and click the button 3 and so on.

If you have the Signup and Login then you can add the count for that user. Like I sign up and click the button and my count goes to 1 and you sign up and when you click the button your count goes to 1. Like that.

I hope this information will help you.

Thank you

Awesome! Thank you so much

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Great. You’re welcome

Sorry I think I forgot something.

I think the count is not counting when the all users click the button at the same time.Like when I and you click the button at the same time only 1 is counting( growing) to that item.

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Hi @TomBlue ,

There is a component from @knight

Maybe it can serve the purpose.

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Thanks! I actually want to count the clicks “behind the scenes” (no need to show the user)… Is that still relevant?

Oh no :frowning: Any idea how to fix this? I want to publish my app to many people at the same time…

What if, instead of updating the “counter” field, I’ll simply add a new record to a database that corresponds with the button? That way I’ll be able to count how many records are there in that database…

If you use the Create action then ok. Then when the users click the button on same time a new record is creating for that click. And you can go to the Database and click this icon image
and you can see the counts. Like this.


Thank you

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