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I have a basic app to log visitors in to construction sites in different locations. You can also select the appropriate record and manually log out.

What we need to do though is after midnight (or some other time) log out anyone who is still showing as on site. In reality they will have all left after 5pm!

The database contains a check in, check out time with other various specific items. There is a true / false record that we use called “Currently on site” that triggers if the person has checked in or out.



Hi Lee,

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This probably won’t be able to happen in Adalo itself, requiring the use of Zapier or Integromat.

In Integromat, you can do something like this:

  • When the time is midnight
  • update all user “Currently on site” true/false to false

Also, here is the Adalo Integromat integration:

If you need any more help, try setting up the scenario and post it here so I can help. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. I have Integromat set up to query the database and this returns the correct number of database items, but I do not know how to now update these same items.

Here are screenshots showing each step in the scenario.

Hi @LeeThulbourne,

I don’t think that you need HTTP and Iterator modules here.
As I understood you need to list all records and update only those, for whom “Current on site” is set to True.

  • So, 1st module will be List Records (as you have set up)
  • then a filter with matching criteria
  • and a 2nd module will be Adalo → Update record. You can get the Record ID to be updated from the 1st module.

This will work if you need to update the same collection as you list.

Best regards, Victor.



Thank you so much for this. Works perfectly and now all I need to do is set the schedule in Integromat to trigger just past midnight each day.

Can believe it was that easy.


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