Database design help

This is my first Adalo app and I’m sure I’m overthinking this, but I’m stuck and could use some help.

In the app I’m creating, each user will be able to create any number of Plans.

  • The Plans all have the same 6 Topic areas/categories.
  • Each topic area has a number of prompts or questions for the user to complete. Some of those questions are multiple choice, some are open text answers.
  • Once all of the prompts in each topic are answered, that topic will be marked as Complete.
  • Users can remove a topic from their plan if it is irrelevant to their needs.
  • Once the entire plan is complete, users need to be able to email the plan to someone.

I have the following tables: User, Plans, Topics, Questions, Responses, & Shares. I’m not sure I have the relationships correct for all of them, but they’re all related.

When a user adds a new plan, I want all of the topics to automatically be added to that plan. I can’t figure out how to do this. For Topics, I have the relationship to Plans set to Many:Many. Because there can be many plans, that will all include many topics (all of them by default).

To automatically have all topics added to every plan, should I restructure the data? Is this something I can do within click action of the form that creates the plan? I tried adding a Create Topics action alongside the Create Plan option and couldn’t figure out what to select from there.

Any advice is welcome. Thank you!

Hi, sorry for taking a while to reach you. Are you still having difficulty with this?

I think what you have setup should work the only difference being that when a user adds a new plan, you need to create an “Update” action, not Create. Within this, you will see the Topics field, and you will be able to “Add -> Topic”. You will need to create an update action for each topic. There is currently no way to add them all unfortunately.

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