Database Design and Setup


I am new to Adalo and currently building my first app. I am building a flashcard app and the two data tables/collections is the User table and Flash Card table. The Flash Card table has there attributes (title, question, and answer). The two tables are connected/have a relationship (A user can have many flash cards, but flash cards can only have one user).

Here are the problems I am running into:

  1. I have a screen where users create a new flash card deck. There is a text input field called Title, a text input field called Question and a text input field called Answer. My goal is to have the user fill out those fields and then when they want to add a new card, they press a button called New Card and I want the Question and Answer field to slide below the current Question and Answer field to create a second flashcard, and then a third, fourth, and so on… How do I get those two fields to populate again and again when the button is clicked and have them appear under the previous flash card? Do I have to highlight each field and then select Create Group?

  2. Then after I have created all the cards, I have a Save button next to the New Card button where when the save button is pressed, it saves all the cards and returns back to the home page. I know how to go back to the homepage, but not sure how to save the cards. I need the cards to be saved in a way where I can create a list and when that title of the created flash cards is clicked, then all the associated flash cards appear. Not sure if this needs to be a new table/collections and how would I set this up?

Hopefully this all made sense and thank you for any help, it is greatly appreciated!