Database entries disappear right after creating them

Note: I AM USING ADALO 2.0~~

Hello everyone. I am creating a social media type of app and naturally have a feature we will call followers and following. I’ve input the properties into the database 3 times, created the entire system, got it to work, and it immediately disappears. Every time. At the exact same time I created a Notifications system and that system stays and is perfectly fine. But for whatever reason, both the FOLLOWERS/FOLLOWING properties just simply disappear.

Any recommendations on what to do here?

Hey Thomas @Skuccy,

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Please make sure that you don’t have Adalo app builder, connected to the same account/app opened in 2 browsers / browser windows / tabs at the same time.
Sometimes this happens when 2 builders are “overwriting” each other.

If it’s not the case I would recommend submitting a support ticket Submit a Support Ticket.