Database entries popping up randomly in forms

My app is like a journal, and I’m heavily testing. I’ve been randomly seeing old inputs show up in the form on NEW entries (which is blank on default value). It’s kind of spooky really, lol, but also thinking It’s really only going to happen to someone who uses it a lot i guess. idk.

But curious if this is known and/or I can do something about it?


Hi @marklive,

Most probably this happens due to caching. Are you testing in the browser?

As a workaround - you can empty the inputs before you go to “new entry” screen.
There are various ways to do this - I usually create a separate screen, call it “AUX”, put the input box there, make sure it is empty, call it “EMPTYINPUT”. And then, before entering the screen with inputs, I change input values of these inputs: Change input value → Other Components → All screens → AUX → EMPTYINPUT.

I’m a bit lost on which inputs are “reset” and which are not - may be @pford can comment.

Best regards, Victor.

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