Delete blank entries?

I have a button that creates an entry followed by a modal that pops up to capture the information. The cancel button will delete the current entry. The problem is if the user does not press the cancel button I have a blank entry in the database.

Does your other button update the entry?

A button to create the entry and open a modal. The modal buttons cancel (delete entry) or save (update entry with info in the modal)

Problem is people who don’t click cancel will endup creating blank records.

Are they supposed to input information into the modal?

If so, just make the save button only work if there is information in those boxes otherwise the button does nothing.

Yes. But people can still just close out of the app.

I guess adalo has no solution for this?

I was thinking of something that can delete these blank entries later on.

What if your save button creates the record rather than updates it. Then there would be no blank entry.

yea i thought about that but the star component updates on click. So the record needs to be made in the previous screen.

Is there some kinda like chron job that can delete empty records out of the db?

How about the save button creates the entry, then links to a Modal that the user can then use the star rating then links back to whatever screen you want it to.

Can you please provide more information about this? maybe a link to check it how it really works or a video explaining it

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