Questions about clearing inputs

I’ve been all through the forum searching for dope on clearing inputs.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like there used to be a standard method of clearing input boxes that was shelved, possibly because it was buggy. Is that true?

If so, any idea when a new, improved input clearing routine will be coming out?

I’ve looked at a number of workarounds but none of them will work with the input boxes I’m using as they are part of a list and, unlike naked input boxes, inaccessible via the usual routines such as using logged in user values. Moreover, I don’t want to just fill the inputs with something as I need the inputs to be empty so the Placeholder Text will show.

Here’s the educational app I’m working on. The idea is for students to listen to a sentence then answer a number of questions based on what they hear. The audio isn’t in place yet but, for testing purposes, the first sample sentence is “What’s he want?” Hit the check marks as they appear to load the next, hidden, input box.

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