Need to show each user info seperately

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I need to show each user data seperately in their dashboard for eg, their next issue date, employ id etc.

For that I have made another database with which it can validate if the user that is being newly registered have the same employee id that is there in our already existing database, then it shows their next report issue date and all.

For eg. I have registered and reached to my dashboard, there I should see my next issuance date, employee id and all. How can i do that?

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You can create properties on your Users collection and show them on the Dashboard screen with Logged in user> that property from magic text.

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Thanks dilon!

I have created the property but unable to show details on dashboard. which component should be used?

Also, I have to show each user items like their shoes, clothes, bags and renew date or next issue date and days remaining in front of each item. how can i do that. step by step guide would be appreciated.

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I’m sorry for the late response!

What is the property? If it is a text,number,date you can use the text component, If it is a image you can use the Image component.

You mean like there is collection that has clothes,shoes and the user can add it to there list and in another screen that user can see his list. Then you can create a Many to Many relationship property between that collection and users collection and add a button to the list and add a Update action Update current item>Users> Add>Logged in user. Then you can have another button to remove it. You can group the two buttons and add visibility condition to show them as one button at a time. And then you can add a list and connect it to the collection that has the clothes,shoes and change the filter from All items to Logged in user’s items.

If you mean show that user’s created items then add a relationship property to that collection between that collection and Users collection ( One to Many ) and on the form Update that property with Logged in user. Then you can add a list and connect it to that collection and change the filter from All items to Logged in user’s items.

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