Database I need not showing on some screens

Hey guys, I am trying to sync certain photos and content on a new screen I created but when I click on the image and select Link > Database > its not showing the ones I need…just the “Logged in Users”. How can I get it to give me the option to choose from my other database options? Thanks

Hi @ryanb,

if you have the images in a list, then you can choose any database with images as a source for that list and choose the image field for image source, like so:

otherwise, if you have some individual images, you need to connect relevant data to your new screen to able to retrieve them. For example if you have a personal picture and a vehicle picture for every user and you would like to show these two pictures for a certain user in a “user profile” screen then you would need to select a user from a list on a previous screen then you will be able to access their info on the new screen.

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