Image source problem

Hello there , can you please help me ?

I’m building an app , but I’m having some issues . In my database, I have the default users collection , and the one I created called service . Now I’m unable to add the Current services images in the Image source . I linked the “Services” screen, to another one “Services details “ to show all services details with images . When drag the image component and go to image source , Adalo tells me to add the Logged in user profile picture , No current services images . Only one option when I Click on the database.

I signed in with another account, but still the same . Need your help thanks :pray:t6:

Hello, please check if the “services details” screen is linked to one page, or if many pages that send the same data. Because if the screen was linked to many pages and each page is sending different data, the current service won’t appear.

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Waooo , Thank you so much . It’s fine now ! :clap:t4::innocent::innocent::innocent::pray:t6:

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You’re welcome :heart: