I need to create a set of default tasks for a new project for a user

When a user creates a new “project” I need to assign them a set of default tasks. This set of default tasks is configurable so could vary from organization to organization (The org defines what these default tasks are).

I have been racking my brain to figure out how to do this with adalo. How do I iterate through a collection of these standard tasks (like a task template) and create a set of those for a specific user when they create a new project associated with an organization?

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Hi @TimSquared ,

You can check this post,


Thanks! I’ll take a look. I ended up resolving by taking the person to a new screen each time they checked off one of the templated tasks in screen 1. That screen would create the new task, ask for some details and then return the user to the previous screen which would remove the template task that was used from the list. No-Code-On!! :slight_smile:


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