Database maximal user

Please tell me the maximum number of users in the database. So that everything works and does not slow down.

Hi John,

I don’t think there is a limit. There is one app that has +100,000 users and still doing good.

All scaling for apps are made by AWS. :slight_smile:

can I also connect a third-party payment gateway ? link to a website with a payment button will it work in Adalon ?

What do you mean? Do you want like a PayPal link in a button then it goes to the checkout?

We have services for accepting payments. And they give a link that leads to the page for accepting payment by bank card.Stripe is not supported in our region.

Give you give me an example?

For example:

Matthew clicks on a button; the link goes to a YouTube video about Adalo.

Hi John1980,
I in some cases use Invoice Ninja PRO. It sends an invoice to the user email, that he needs to pay digitally, so using payment gateways, Once invoice is paid, I can update back into the app via API the user.

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