Database Pre-population question

Hey hey everyone,

I have a database of ‘Houses’ linked to another database of ‘Rooms’. When a new ‘House’ is created, I want it to come pre-populated with a select number of ‘Rooms’.

How do I achieve this? I tried the automatic populate, but Rooms doesn’t show up as an option.

Even better would be to allow the user to select the rooms they want to include when creating the House.


Hi @adamg ,

To access certain record in collection, we need to use list, either custom list or make list can be used.

If you just want a single record, ask user first which room in previous screen or in the same screen but previous workflow.

Then inside that list do action to create or update, depending on what you need to.

If you want multiple records, I would suggest to have another screen that is only for processing, this would be the same list, but not interactive, it would use countdown to do batch processing, the actions would be the same, do create or update depending what you need.

So both single and multiple records linking are possible, as long as we get access through the list, that is what Adalo requires us to do.

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Thanks a lot for the quick help! I’m struggling to understand the process outlined :sweat_smile:

I’m going re-ask my question in a more succinct way to hopefully make it clearer what I’m trying to.

  • Drag button to screen, call this Create House
  • Make list button (click 3 dots on the left panel)
  • Set collection to Rooms
  • Set filter so only 1 record is shown
  • Go to button component inside the list
  • Have create action for Houses collection and room field with current Rooms (which is in the make list button)

So to fill the Room field in Houses collection, we need to set the action inside the list of Rooms collection.