Database, Servers, App Speed | Help and Suggestions

I’m running Adalo apps with large database of products and users (10k - 20k + ) and i’ve realised that this leads to the application being very slow and laggy.

Is there any solution as to using external servers or some other methods? If yes, please suggest a few names (cheaper the better) that can be used and the process to connect the servers with Adalo

Thank you!

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I am interested in this topic.

I am currently evaluating the same option. I’ve only been here a short time and I still don’t know all the possibilities. At the moment, I am looking at how to host multimedia files in AWS, which according to the forum allows not to overload Adalo’s capacity and load images faster. Creating an AWS account is free, and you pay after a certain capacity (I think 5GB). I suppose that there will be more options to transfer the database to a third party with greater speed, but I don’t know the best option yet. It would be interesting if the experts shed more light on this topic.

I know, that sometimes the reason for a low performance is overheating server. Try to remove the download from the server and provide it with right equipmnt, for example i’ve purchased an open frame rack server and some cooling units here, the best offer i’ve come across.