Performance is the issue

its May 2021,
As read comment from June2020, performance to load data and images was very poor, but today also its very poor.
i am afraid to introduce app in the market.
bad performance will reduce our clients trust.
So whats solution?
Again its very great platform to build app. just performance need to improve

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Hi Rakesh,

This is a good resource to get started with - Adalo’s Performance Updates

There are three other considerations:

  1. How you build your app has a significant impact on speed.
  2. If you aren’t in the US, it’ll naturally be slower as the servers are US based. The Adalo team is working to introduce international servers this year (I believe).
  3. You can consider 3rd party image processing and hosting. If you app is image heavy, you should look into that.

Thanx for the reply.

  1. My Images are very small in size apx 50kb to 500kb

  2. Even loading you tube link takes time.

  3. I have build 75% of my app and with heart i am saying its awesome platform you have made. but can not release commercially due to speed.

  4. if you say in US it will work fine, then i am ready to release there in US. but i have my another application with aws server in US and working very great.

  5. could you please help out how can increase the performance?

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I’ll try and make a tutorial in the future on how to increase speeds.

We’ve seen people use digital ocean droplets in NYC with a lot of success for speeding up API calls. Other than that, I’d search through the forum to see how other people are doing it.

For the YouTube part, I think that’s internet speed, not Adalo.

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