Database SetUp for Social Network type app (Internal/External)

Hi. With the current state of Adalo’s external collections, what is the best database setup for a social network type app, with the normal features of image uploading and sharing, comments, chat… use just the Adalo DB? Airtable/Xano/etc?

So far for me in terms of flexibility and “safety” is XANO. The Adalo API the rate gets a long Error 429 (Rate limit), so at least for now I would not trust an social media app with it if you plan on scalability.

But I have set a question to Adalo’s team, if external collections have same dependency as Adalo API, being endpoints. Still waiting for an answer.

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And do external collections like Xano mean longer loading times for images?

Hi! Today we launched a social media application, and Adalo’s performance leaves much to be desired. The application runs very hard. You can visit the topic and you can test the application for free.

Do you have any idea when does that error start to appear? In terms of size/ concurrent users/or any other metric?

Hi, did they answer your question :slight_smile: ?

Hi @Aleksandr,
I didn’t follow up with this, I was off “Adaloing” during the last period of 2021, I am coming back now slowly into the “game” again. I have to create some support tickets, so will see if they can clarify this.