Introducing Sonna - Make money online

Hello! I just launched the Sonna project. It is a social application that offers the possibility to generate income. Revenue is generated from the ads displayed on your posts. Try the application too! It’s free!

Google Play

Hi Alex,

The app UI lookes very nice. :+1:

I think you forgot to put the app link, could you add it?

Sorry, I forgot. I added now

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Hi James! Is there a way to optimize lists? The application is very slow

Really loved the UI! I’m taking notes on how to improve mine based on what you did. Whitespacing, animations, icons, everything looks very professional


Thank you! I’m glad!

Hi, @alexbarciog. your app is beautiful, bravo! Great UI! I was wondering what font you used?

Hello, nice UI but I would not use that Title Image. It’s from the Instagram Create Don’t Hate Campaign and my friend Leo Natsume (Leo Natsume | Dribbble) is the designer of this artwork. He does not like copyright infringements.

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Yikes. Love the graphics! Stealing an artist’s work is not cool. :confused:

I didn’t steal anyone’s work. Images were downloaded from non-copyrighted sites. That image has reached a lot of sites and is used by many people.

Well, you use an image that is client work for Instagram - for an app that is similar to Instagram. Not the best idea IMHO. I asked Leo. Nor he or Instagram released the artwork as royalty-free. It does not matter where you downloaded it or if others stealing and using it too. Everybody who uses this graphic without permission is violating copyrights. Where did you download it from?

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Hi @alexbarciog i tested the app and the UI is nice. But how do you improve performances? Is kind of unusable. Why is that slow?
Sorry for my criticisms :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s very slow… I’m very sorry that Adalo doesn’t offer me too many solutions. I have nothing to do about it. It is a very complex application that needs many resources to run well.

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Why are you so hostile? I just wanted you not to get in trouble.

Thank you! I just sent a message to author. We can take a decision together.

Very professional and modern UI, well done!

Thank you very much!