Blank screen instead content

I created a desktop web app for our students, and many times they cannot reach the content on it.
They see just a blank screen. If they delete the cookies/site data in browser, it’s fine, they can reach the content again. But it’s not a solution for us. I don’t understand why the app do that?
It’s very annoying that every week someone indicate that…hey, I can’t reach the website again… :frowning:

Could I do something about it?

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Hi @sarobee
I have the same type of error, equal if I delete history or not.
I guess that is something with the Adalo Preview… Adalo Previewer is not opening right now - #3 by dilon_perera that should be fixed.

Something about Date and Time picker component issue. Try to remove component one by one and see if you can proceed to the next screen.

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Yes, I think it is the date&time component, any page that I have with that component comes up completely blank in web apps but not in the native. What is going on?

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Hi guys!
I don’t use date and time picker, so that won’t be the problem.
And it’s happening in live, when students want to log in. In preview no problem.

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