Date & Time field working on some devices but not others

I have a form with a Date and Time field. The form generally works fine for all the fields and, in addition, the Date and Time field works fine when I preview the app and on my phone as well as one other person’s phone who is testing the app. Two testers, however, both with iPhones (an XS), report that they cannot enter the time using the interface for that field. I haven’t done anything to the field, so I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions appreciated.

Hello, can you share some screenshots about the configuration of the forms fields and the issues while testing?

Thank you!

Sure, I should have done that in the first place. Here is the form:

Here is the information I got from a tester with a screenshot:

Another user indicated that they also couldn’t choose the time, though the calendar did appear.

Now, on my phone, it looks just like that screenshot, but I am able to change the time.

Is that helpful? And thanks for getting back to me; I appreciate it!

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