Form not picking up chosen date selector


Today things seem to have a little strange. It was working fine when I last checked it yesterday.

The date selector is not being reflected in a form once created. For example, if I complete a form and use the date selector to change the date to 5 days ago and then use another screen to pull that form info in, the date shows as today’s date and time.

See screenshot attached. I added a field to show the date the form was created and it shows 5 days ago but the drop down shows today.

Any ideas?


Still doing the same thing today - just tested it by changing the date selector to 19th Feb before created the form. The form when reviewed shows the day as today and not the 19th.

Any ideas would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Screenshot the settings for the input component.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have figured it out. Rather than using just the ‘Date’ Property as a field in the database, I used the ‘Date and Time’ Property and then this Date and Time field became available in the drop down menu option for selecting within the ‘Label’ field as per screenshot. It didn’t seem to like the fact that the Date selector didn’t include a time and so didn’t make it available - only the Creation and Updated fields appear for selection which do have a time.

Not sure that’s a very clear explanation but to put it simply, use the Date and Time Property if you can rather than just Date.

Phew! lol

Thanks :slight_smile:

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