Date & Time Picker not working

Need some urgent help on this. I have a collection which have a column of “date and time” type. On the screen where I create a record for this collection, this column is not updating. steps

  • Go to the screen where we have a form
  • Click on the date and time picker for the property
  • Choose a new date or time
  • click OK
  • Control still shows the old time.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, the team is looking into it. In the meantime the selected value is being saved in the database and will display correctly, but the placeholder value is not being shown to the user. Will update as soon as it is fixed.

Thanks for update… yeah it is getting saved.
All the best for the fix… please feel free to let me know if I can help in any way.

In my case the selected date is NOT being recorded, just the selected time. Today’s date is what is being recorded instead.
Thanks you hope you can figure this out, as @tuachotu if you need a video or something else let me know.

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This bug has been resolved. Please give it a test (you may need to clear the cache on your end) and let us know if you are still having challenges.

Just verified. Its working now.
Thanks for fixing it.

Just found this issue as well was wondering what I broke. Is there anything else (besides clear cache, did that) to resolve?

Is this working for you now?

It was working few hours back .

Gah! Glad for you though. I wonder why mine still does not work.

may be a different issue then. I would try clearing cache and test again

You just mean my browser cache right?

yeah … browser cache. close the tab and restart. might work.

good luck!!

Nope, Still broken for me. Clear cache and restarted Chrome already. But not working yet

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that’s not good, it should have worked. How about replacing the picker with a new one (i.e. just delete the old one and put a new instead).

I’m having a date and time picker issue as well. I select a date and time of 8:00am, but when I view the displayed date and time within the app, I see the correct date and 2:00am. I checked my timezone setting for Mountain Daylight Time is correct on my pc, so I’m not sure what is off.

Any ideas what might be the culprit beyond what’s been shared here already?

@ashley do we have an update on this? I am still getting the wrong information input in the database. I’m in México City. What I select displays correctly, but I get the recorded time 5 hours earlier than selected.

@jsteb @ppvaldes For my understanding: Date&Time values are always stored in Adalo’s database with Zulu time, meaning no or zero time zone offset (UTC+0), but displayed according to your time zone settings.
If you select a time with the Date&Time Picker your timezone settings will be applied, before saving Zulu time: If you are in Cairo timezoneUTC +2 and save 16:00, then 16:00 -2 = 14:00 should be saved to the database.

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They are not being displayed in my time zone. Is there a chrome setting maybe, I can’t find where to select my time zone.

@ppvaldes What is the value given to you and what is the value you are expecting?