Date value filtering does not work between 0:00 and 9:00 JST

I want to filter the collection record which has date property of today.

To check, I prepare 2 lists. One, with filterling by 'Current time’

Other is, with filterling by ‘after 1day ago’ and ‘before 2days from now’.
(It is workaround for this issue. I don’t know it work well for any case.)

First list does not work from 0:00 AM to 9:00 AM JST.

It will work after 9:00 JST.

I think it has something relate to the fact that the difference between JST and UTC is 9 hours.

Although I post some topic related to date value, I think, It may related same factor.

Anyone, let me know if same issue is seeing in environment it has time difference from UTC.

Instead of using current time, try using Start of Today.

Today’s start would be at 00 when the day begins or at the time the user entered? I want to do the daily summary of the business, then I must make … orders with a creation date that is between the beginning of today and tomorrow? Would it be from 00hs to 00hs?