Issue Writing Dates with API

Anyone else seen a possible bug with writing a date to Airtable (or other API)? When I use ‘Current Time’ in magic text, it works fine. When I switch to an input field that contains the date pulled from AT (unformatted), I get a 422 error when trying to write it back.

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I have the same problem. Did you figure out how to get it work?

Can you provide some screenshots of your setup?


Can you also post a screenshot of how it is displaying when you view the app?


Hi @AJAY, @erfy, and @Colin! I ran into this same issue with a 422 error when creating new records for Airtable, specifically with the Date & Time field.

Were you guys able to figure out what was causing your issue here? Appreciate any insights you may have.

@sadalo are you using integromat here to send the date to Airtable?

If yes, I was able to do this successfully by formatting the date in integromat before adding the record to Airtable.


Thanks as always @bhanu! I actually figured it out today – it was actually a similar issue with something I found in another forum post about this 422 error - where there was a type mismatch in the record’s ID between Adalo and Airtable.

Ha… embarrassed to say it had nothing to do with the date & time value. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: