Repeated Failed iOS Builds

In the last 2 days, I have had 11 failed iOS builds, after several successful builds. In the midst, 1 build was successful. My app is comically simple. No dB writes. No users. About 100 total records in 5 collections.

I am concerned about publishing a paid app to the public when I cannot rely on the build process, particularly with such a simple app.

Has anyone else experienced failed builds recently?

Hi @acwarsing,

I’m sorry that you’re facing this issue!

Still failing? Did you try creating a new build after login out from your adalo account and login back again to your adalo account?

If not works I suggest you to Submit a Support Ticket!

Hope this issue will solve soon for you!

Thank you

Thanks. I did open 2 tickets. No resolution yet.

Up to 24 now. I removed all the very long text pages like Privacy Policy to see if that helps. Nope.

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