Cant build on IOS. How to reach support here?

Hello, after a couple successfully build Versions, yesterday a build (with minor changes) got FAILED and now the next try is QUEUED. Can Support please check? How can I contact them?


If there’s a bug, you can submit a support ticket. I’d wait for this build to complete or fail before doing so. You’ll also want to check the logs for why the build failed (search the log for “fail”).


Where can I find the log? And how long does it take to switch from QUEUED to FAIL? Iam waiting hours. Where can I submit a support ticket? Thank you!"

Next to the Failed text you’ll see Error Log. Click that and you’ll be able to review the full log and identify the build fail reason. You can also share that with the community and we’ll try and help you solve it if possible.

Hello I have nothing next to failed. fail

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Now this… :frowning:

My Iphone ask that someone in LA/USA wanted access. I allowed and iphone gave me a 6 digit number BUT there is nothing on adalo where to enter the security digits?!?

Ticket Number: 394943129

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