Deck Swiper - Combining 2 user favorite lists for swiping?

Problem: How can I populate the deck swiper with 2 User Favorite Lists?

Context: Each user is able to keep a watchlist (same logic as a favorite list). If the users are sitting down together to watch tv, I’d like to combine both users watchlists within the deck swiper. So the users can swipe and narrow down choices for what they’d like to watch.

The closest method I’ve found is by @Parker - Matching Deck Swipe Sessions in Adalo (foodmood app build #2). But that is pulling data from a single list.

Any ideas?

Hi Jordan,

Your Filtering should work. I just tried and it worked for me.

And in your database the both users ( Ashley the user you are looking at and Jordan the logged in user) are in that movie relationship property ( Users Watch-list ) right?

And what happens if you delete the Deck Swiper and add the filters again or add the filter as Current User's>Watch List and add a custom filter that Users Watch list>All>Contains>Logged in user or make the filter as Logged in user's>Watch List and add a custom filter that Users Watch List>All>Contains>Current User?

Thank you


I continue to have difficulty with the deck swiper. So for now I’m using a custom list with a toggle to add Movies (TV shows) to a mutual list.

The list will populate the Watchlist of the person you’re watching with. Then each user will make their selections. And be redirected to a “Mutual Selection” list.

Not the true functionality I was after, but a good MVP solution to test with. Thank you for the help @dilon_perera I’ll keep working on it and share the result when I figure it out. :slight_smile:

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If you are using the Marketplace Deck Swiper and it’s not working what happens if you try the Pragmaflow Deck Swiper to check if you see the same thing or not?

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