Deck swiper configuration

Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up the deck swiper component to actually use it for a tinder-like app.

I have the user collection, a “Yes” collection and a “Nope” collection.

Both the yes and the no collections have a many to many relationship with the user collection, since every yes can have multiple users and every users can have multiple yes.

And yet, once I swipe (i.e.: left, meaning that should go on the nope collection), the name actually goes on the nope collection, but the relationship does not work, therefore I am not able to see who swiped left on that card, I can only see the “swiped left” person.

What am I missing? :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Try changing the relationship to the first and second options and see if that works

You should not need seperate collections for the “answer” of a card on the deck swiper. Merely what you want to do is create a relationship within that own collection.

For example for a tinder like experience you would create a relationship on the user collection for

  1. “Liked By” - set by the logged in user
  2. “Disliked By” - set by the logged in user
  3. “Likes” - set by if the user selects “yes”
  4. “Dislikes” - set by if the user selects “no”
  5. “Reacted by” - set by logged in user

5 is critical in order to tell the deck swiper that it should not show users who have been “reacted by” the logged in user. That way they will not be displayed after a user has swiped them.

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I’ll try, thank you very much for your help!

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