Deck Swiper don't work correctly. Help, please

Hi, please tell me why Deck Swiper does not now display a list of favorite posts, but adds only one single one that was selected first.
At first, I did a category swiper in my application by the adalo on youtube lesson - the lesson uses your plugin

After several unsuccessful attempts, I cloned your plugin Deck Swiper Example and launched a demo - and the same thing happens to you after selecting posts to your favorites - only the first one is recorded in the database. And the picture is not displayed - but this is already a trifle :slight_smile:

Can you tell me, please, how to force it to add posts to favorites with the help of a swiper which is selected as a list, and not the first?

Thank You!
Best Regards, Antonina.

Hi @emagweb ,

Looks like the component is still broken.

Check out this thread,

Hi @emagweb,

Just sharing a component besides for the Yongki’s Method!

Give a try for this Deck Swiper that Pragmaflow built!

Thank you

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