The images in the Deck Swiper come back when I refresh my page

I’m new here

I wanted to create a Tinder clone, so I started searching for suitable free platforms where I could make one. I found that Adalo has a Deck Swiper which made it easy for me.
but after I swipe left or right and then refresh the page, the deck swiper resets but the next page where I can see who I liked stays the same.

Here is what I’m facing:
screen-capture (2)

How do I set the deck swiper not to reset and send the same cards that have been already liked?

You could have a relationship between users and cards ‘swiped by’.

Then for the swipe action update the relationship with user, add user to ‘swiped by’ relationship with the card.

Then filter the cards-swiped by does not contain logged in user.

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can you please explain this with images or with a video, please?
cause it’s not working for me.

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Here you go:


Hi, I’ve struggle with the same issue.
I watched your video, but I couldn’t understand how to solve my case.

When I added filter (red frame in the following screenshot), cards of Deck Swiper becomes flickering, and the screen goes blank after a few swipes. (When I remove this filter, card flickering is fixed)

The premise is that, users who has been swiped once is set to be placed in the “Swiped” Property in the “User” Record.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix it.

You want the filter to be users swiped, does NOT contain logged in user. The filter is the wrong way around here.

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@theadaloguy Thanks for your comment!
I fixed the setting of filter.

But the main issue still plagues me.
If I turn on a custom filter (not containing Logged in User in “Swiped”), the card flickers and at the end I get a blank screen.

I have compared the behavior of Deck Swiper with and without the filter in the following movie.
In the Without filter condition, the cards are displayed smoothly (without flickering), but when the swipe screen is refreshed, the same cards are displayed again.

with Swiped filter (Card flickering)
with Swiped filter (Card Flickering)
Full Version is on YouTube: Adalo Deck Swiper (with Swiped filter) - YouTube

without Swiped filter (No flickering)
without Swiped filter
Full Version is on YouTube: Adalo Deck Swiper (withOUT Swiped filter) - YouTube

Do you have many actions on the swipe? Even in my video, there was some lag/strange behaviour, with quite a simple setup.

I think it’s important to keep the deck swiper simple without too many actions - setting many relationships can be heavy on it.

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Thank you for your kind advice.
I have some actions on the swipe.

Just to clarify, I’m pretty sure that the filter setting causes flickering and blank screen.
(Because I compared the card with and without the filter, and saw a clear difference in the card’s behavior)

If I can solve the above problem by changing the filter settings, I would like to know how to do that.

I haven’t used the deck swiper beyond my tutorial so I don’t have a quick answer there. However I’m thinking this video by @michael.ionita might help, or maybe he can pitch in with his experience.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I also watched that video, and found out that he says the above problem (Flickering & Blank Screen) may be a limitation of current Deck Swiper.

I’ll ask the maker of Deck Swiper Component @yelkhayami on another topic page.

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