Deck Swiper Personalisation


There is any way I can customize the appearance of the Deck Swiper? I need to make it taller and change the colors. Or at least to remove the title and description section if empty.



@yelkhayami is the maker of the component. Perhaps he can answer your questions :slight_smile:

Heyo, i’m not sure if I should make the size configurable, it can lead to some nasty bugs during swiping. I’ll have a look and think about it. In terms of colors, what exactly do you want to customize? Text colors? backgrounds? a little more specificity would help a lot!

Yes! I’d love to customize the style such as font weight.
Also, it’s not clear that users can click on the image to see more information (it’s my action).

I tried to add the info button but it doesn’t pass the user info to the other screen. So the alternative for now is to say that they can click on the image to see more info… not the best imo.

Thanks for the component!

I’ll have a quick look, the fonts style / colors should be doable. I’ll think of some customizable way to make it clear for the user that you can click it and reply in this thread.

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@francois.d something like this?

Just need to figure out placement of the icon but i think I’ll have that soon, expect a small update with these changes this week!


Yes! That’s perfect if I can choose the weight and color of the Title & Description!

Thanks for the info icon!

Just to add to this, I’m using this component to save on the time, and improve the UX of, creating a ‘next’ button to let people move through lists viewing one item at a time. It would be AMAZING, if the deck supported video rather than just images on it.

As explanation, I’m creating a workout app where the user clicks play to see the video for that particular exercise, then swipes to move onto the next. I’m a little stuck without it!

Thanks so much for creating this component <3

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@francois.d I just pushed an update with those customization options. You can also now pick an icon and change its color.

@Pippa, i’ll think about it, putting a video player in the component will make it rather heavy, and it’s a bunch of work to get working on the native side of things (if users decide to publish on the appstores) so it might not be worth it.

In terms of the next button, i’ll think about it!

In the meantime you could just show a modal with the Plyr component inside of it, when someone taps a card then you can show a video inside of a popup modal.

Thanks very much. How can I see the update?

Hey @francois.d, I think it’s currently being reviewed by the adalo team. They review each update to make sure everything is secure etc. I’ll post an update once I hear something!

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@yelkhayami hi, I broke my deck swipe component. I’m having trouble getting my component to display images. can you help me out?

Hi @yelkhayami. Firstly, amazing job on Deck Swiper! I’m having a lot of fun coming up with ideas to build using this awesome component. I’d like to bump up the earlier point allowing us to make the cards taller; having cards covering a bigger portion of the UI would lead to a more immersive experience, IMO.
It’ll be really awesome if you consider making this change.

[Please do let me know in case this isn’t the right thread, and I’ll start a new one]

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