Deep-Link Component made by Jimmy!

Hello Makers,

Saw a great video today during watching some videos on YouTube! :eyes:

Our talented , great and everybody knows, Jimmy ( @njimmy10 ) has made a Deep-linking component! I saw some posts that Pragmaflow built one is not working and this may help for them and for everyone for sure! :cowboy_hat_face:

Here’s the video that Jimmy uploaded! : Deep Linking Adalo - YouTube

Hope this will work for everyone!

Cheers for Jimmy and Adalo! :muscle: :clinking_glasses:

Thank you!

Have a great weekend!


Hahaha truee, i was writing a post to be published tonight :sunglasses:,

Thank you @dilon_perera I’ll be posting a post soon discussing it

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Awesome! Good Luck!

Thank you!

Hi it works great I love it!

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