Deep link is possible, But I have few questions

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to use Pragmaflow’s “Deep link” component for some time now.

initially I could not use it at all, but the cause was that I had not generated the build of the app with the component inside: by doing this the deep link was working, even if partially, already in the testingfight version.

But it’s been a couple of days that everything no longer works, loading the url on the browser gives me the error “Cannot open the page because the address is not valid”

I have checked several times that the values are the same and I have also tried to create the build several times, but nothing, it does not work.

Anyone know how to help me?

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Hey I have heard some reports that it no longer works. I know @njimmy10 has his own maintained deep link component. Might be a better option as it is maintained.

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$ 150 for a component is not accessible for my application, also because I don’t make any profit from it.

Until the other day it worked for me, Did anyone knows how to help me?

Btw the components are now almost 50%.

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