Deep Relationship Filter

how do I

For example I have collection of companies and a company can have multiple locations (also a collection). I want to be able to filter a list based on a text box… lets say by a zipcode. When I type in the zipcode in the text field the list will filter based NOT on the company zip code but by all the connected locations within a company that have a matching zip code.

It seems that I can only filter based on one level which is at the company level.

Is there a way around this?



Not sure if you can do this using Adalo yet… You can do this using the external beta and a service like Xano, where you can perform the deep relationship filter, and pull in the data to front end using the REST API with external collections.

Not sure if you can access the signups page for Xano from computer, sometimes still says in Early Access, but if you go from mobile phone you can definitely sign up and minimize the backend “limitations” of Adalo.