Default image on a list within collection

Each “user” in my app has a relationship to a collection called “services” and the “services” collection has a relationship to another collection “ServiceImages”. This way each user can create their own services and add images related to that service. On the profile page I want a list of “Services” along with ONE of the images to be used as a thumbnail. The issue is that I am unable to select “Current Service”->ServiceImages What is the best way to achieve having multiple images per item and then show one of the images as the thumbnail.

You can have a list nested within your services list of ServiceImages that shows. Set this list to count max 1.

Or make an ImgUrl field in your Services collection. Then after ServiceImage is uploaded UPDATE the Service ImgURL field = New ServiceImage > URL.

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@Rozza I used the first method. Very clever! thank you!

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