Sharing an image between two collections


I’m creating an app for a chain of regional stores to count their inventory. I have 3 collections: one for the stores, one for the different products, and one for the inventory of each store, which has relationships to the store collection and the product collection.

When I pull up the inventory list of each store, I want it to display the product image, which is stored in the product collection. Is there a way to automatically have that image added to the Inventory collection when a record is created for that product?

Basically: how do I display the image for the products without having to add them individually to each inventory entry?

If you have your relationships setup properly then an inventory list should be able to reference the product image.

Something like this in the image component. You should see Product in your menu

If not. it might be worth having a review of the way your relationships are structured.

This works, thank you :slight_smile: