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I’m wondering if it is possible to create a default value (e.g. “none”) for a text box. In my situation, I’m using magic text to populate user information from the database, for example, if a user has a pet, the pet field would say “1 cat” but if they don’t I want it to show “none”. Any ideas on how I could go about creating this?

Thank you!!

Hi @paige.scholes ,

Why don’t you try dropdown ?

if you want more flexibility, try searching for dropdown replacement.

I think you are storing this value on a text property?

3 ideas.

  1. On the Signup form you can add that property on the automatically section and fill that with none there and then until user adds pets none will show and once the user adds a pet or pets that will show and then if you let the user to keep that as blank in the edit form you can have a conditional update action on the form that updates that property to none if that property > is equal to > empty.

  2. You can use visibility conditions. One with none that will display when that property is empty and the other text property that shows that property will only visible when that property is not empty.

  3. Maybe you can use JavaScript! ( you can watch this video made by Steven : Conditional Text Display on Vimeo ) But I think you will not need this :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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