Display true / false value from collection properties with magic text

I have added multiple new true/false properties inside my “Users” collection.

I would like to add a screen which just displays the current logged-in user’s true false value as texts but I couldn’t find it in the Magic Text input. It seems that only text-based properties can be used in Magic Text.

Is there any way around this?

For eg I have added a true/false property for “history of accident”. I would like to display the value (either yes or no) when I display the text for current logged in user

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Like this know?

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Yes, but instead of True/False I would like to display it as “Yes” or “No”

True will be Yes
False will be No

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Ok so do like this. Add two text properties and type Yes in one text property and Type No in the other text property. Then add a visibility condition for the text component that you type Yes sometimes visible that you created true/false property is true and for the other text component you type No set the visibility condition only visible if created true/false property is false. That’s all. Hope you found the answer for you question.

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It works somewhat, but on mobile view, the layout is off (example - History of diabetes mellitus: no ← the “no” is not aligned with the question)

Any idea how to align them?

Hmm it happened to me also. So do like this . Add a rectangle and keep the background to white and no borders. And group that texts and add that group inside that rectangle and group that all. Then check @ianbong90

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It works sometimes, but I don’t know why it does this

The first 3 lines worked

But the next 3 are messed up. I tried to recreate the problem with the “smoking” grey rectangle, but the true/false value still is not aligned.

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Hmm. Yes this happened to me also. I did like this @ianbong90. @ianbong90 you also try and let me know if it works. :innocent:

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@ianbong90 and another solution for this. I forgot the easy one :sweat_smile:

I think this will solve your problem
And in this video I created for the history of accident only. So you can add others

Thank you

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Why doesn’t the first video work anymore? Can you fix it please?

Hi @kevlar,

Sorry the video was removed. What you need help with?

Thank you

I have a true/false field that I would like to use with magic text but it isn’t showing up. All the other fields are there just not the true/false. I’ve tried creating a test true/false field and it’s not showing up either. How do I use magic text with a true/false field?

You need to add a text component and add the value like True and add a visibility condition. For False also you can add another text component and add the condition and group them together!