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Hi Guys,

Recently got a lot better in working with custom actions but still runnning in some issues every now an then.

I am working with the Placid.App application to generate images.

With the API I am able to create the images via a custom POST action and I am also able to retrieve the images too via a custom GET action. But these are seperate actions with som time in between.

The thing with Placid is that when the POST is succesfull the ID and other info is created, but the creation of the image is being queud.

When I use the GET option right after the POST option, the custom action is a succes, but the Image URL isn’t created as the creation of the image with Placid is still queud.

the question i have here, is there a way to delay the GET custom action within Adalo? because i believe if i could delay the get action with around 10-15 seconds, the images will be created and i will retrieve the Image url from Placid.

I know there are ways with other tooling like zapier and stuff, but I am really trying to see if i can fix this within Adalo. Also I do not want to sart using additonal button in retrieving the data. hte thing is that it is only a matter of seconds.

I might have a workaround but still do not feel like using it, it would be sending a new request to OPENAI in between as they take long :wink:

Looking forward to your suggestions!

KR Bram

Hey @Bram,

There are no built-in delays for action sequence, unfortunately. Moreover custom action execution is stopped automatically if not finished within some time (as I remember 30 seconds timeout).

If you don’t want to use any 3rd party tools - I can think of using a screen series with timer/lottifiles. Something like:

  • 1st screen with 1st custom action, get a ID, link to next screen
  • 2nd screen with a timer/lottiefile which finishes in 15 seconds. On timer finish, you run another custom action using ID, get the result and store it where needed. Then you link to the 3rd “success” screen.

But I’d rather use 3rd party platforms for such type of requests - they will be more stable. You can’t be sure that the image is ready in 10 secs, it could be more sometimes. In Make it is even possible to make a custom app which will poll the server repeatedly till it gets the reply (I did it a few times with services like you describe - when replies are delayed).

Hope this helps.


Hi Victor,

thanks for the reply, I already thought that there was not a delay option.

For now I created a modal screen (2nd) with a text field explaining i could take a few seconds and a button “retrieve image” with an image placeholder below.

I’ve been able to refresh the page so when they press the “retrieve image” button the page will be refreshed and the image is visible, if the image is available of course. In that way users could try it several times until the image is available and get it then.

Creating a webhook with Zapier worked too. it will retrieve ht eimage and update the Image URL afterwards, but got it fixed via API now. and for now this works fine.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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