Custom Action not working - maybe request timeout?

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First post in the community :slightly_smiling_face: basically I am using three custom actions in a workflow that work fine on their own but don’t work when I combine them. I’m wondering if there might be some timeout limitations by Adalo ? For UX reasons, I want to combine all three in the same workflow (when pushing a button, all three run).

Here are the details :
I use two APIs : one that retrieves some text, and a second one that turns it into an audio file (text-to-speech).
The first API is rather simple and works fine when I use it by itself.
The second one consists of two requests (and therefore two custom actions) : one POST request to generate the audio on the server of the provider, that returns a transcriptionID and a second GET request in which I input the transcriptionId and that returns the audio link.

I have noticed that if I use some fixed text as input to the second API, it works. But when I use the output of the first API, it doesn’t work anymore. I have also noticed that if I try to use the transcriptionId output directly as an input to the GET request, it doesn’t work, but it does work if I update a “response” in the database in-between and use it as input.

Seems quite chaotic, would you have any idea what’s happening here ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello, can you please images about the issue that you’re experiencing?

Thank you!

Hi @maximall,

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I also faced this issue in the past and here’s what I did! : Replicate - Prediction API.mp4 - Google Drive

I guess the issue is that when the button is clicked the all actions attached to it happens soon and in the get action it couldn’t get the created one from the create custom action because it’s still not created and lastly I get a empty result. So I added the get action after some time and that seems to work perfectly!

Hope this will work for you too!

Thank you

Does anyone know what Adalo’s default timeout is for external API calls/custom actions? I think that’s what is causing it to only work some of the time for me as well.

It would be very helpful if there was a timeout setting that could be adjusted up to maybe 300 seconds when you create a new custom action.

Hi Scott @scottb,

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I believe it is somewhere around 30 or 40 seconds. Having a possibility to customise it would be great, please feel free to create feature request here

My workaround is using Make for the flows which might take long time. In Make scenario I usually put webhook response close to the beginning of the flow so that Adalo app user can continue working with it. The whole setup might become complicated though.