Stripe Connect - pre-authorising cards & delayed payment collection

Hello, keen to explore if below is even feasible in Adalo for a 2-sided marketplace? Or if anyone smarter than me has a ‘cleaner’ workaround? :slight_smile:

What I’m trying to do:

  1. Authorise cards at purchase, to allow payment collection at a later date
  2. Collect payment at the earlier of A. 10 days, or B. when ‘dispute’ boolean is marked as ‘False’

What I’ve tried:

  • Followed the Adalo tips on setting up 2-sided marketplace with Stripe Connect. This covers instant payments only (unless I’m missing something!)
  • Determined delayed payments are possible in Stripe. But unsure if clear to implement via Adalo


  • Built a two-sided marketplace for re-selling digital documents (with Adalo & Integromat)
  • Platform requirement: Verify a seller’s listing, and their document for sale, do accurately match
    – Current approach = buyers validate their digital purchase matches its description
    – However, this requires delayed payment functionality. To give buyers time to contest the accuracy of their purchased digital document
    – Short term workaround: Payments direct to platform (me), to process manually :frowning:

After more digging, an update to my original question below. I’ll consider this closed, unless different views to my own?


  • Deferred payments via Adalo Stripe-Connect integration is not possible. Instant payments only

Short term workaround:

  • Workaround to test my current MVP = use PayPal to manually send payments (given only user’s email or phone number required, and seller can setup an account after payment)
  • Not a scalable solution, but enough to test for now
  • There are other work-arounds, i.e. validating the documents before listing. However this creates a greater manual workload than sending manual payments

You could do this, but you’ll need to manually build all the Stripe API calls via custom actions and/or Integromat.

You can use Stripe Sessions API to create a checkout page. You can specify for when to charge or if you just want to capture payment details only. Then you could send an invoice with auto payment and it will email the user and charge them. There’s all sorts of things you can do if you spend enough time understand the platform and the APIs!

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Stripe can hold payment for 7 days and capture later, let me know if you keen that I have paid solution mix with component + integromat to create Stripe Checkout for that.


Thanks and good point! I’d overlooked using Integromat’s Stripe API. I may explore this further

Thanks! Yes I’d be keen to explore if this fits with what I’m building :slight_smile:

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