Delete all data : User "has many post" and "post belongs to user"


I’m quitte new on Adalo, and so far, so good!

I’m wondering : Is it possible to “easily” delete a record (user), and all data related to this user.

In my case : A user can create “post”, and “favorite” them.
It means I have 2 tables connected to my user table.

What I’ve been looking for, is a way to delete all data that a user created when he decide to delete his account.

If not, the post will still show up, except that instead of having : “Author : Fullname” I get "Author : ".

I checked the cascading delete with the timer, but it seems complicated to ask to a user to delete everything before to allow him to delete his account (from a UX point of view).

Do you have any idea on how to do something like that ? Or even another method that could be more UX friendly :smiley: ?

Thank you !

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