Problem with User Reference in Collection (Multiple-Records-Multple-Users VS Multiple-Records-Per-User)

So I have this problem where I’d like to remove a user reference from a record (which I call post’s).
As of now I am removing the user from a post with a Multiple-Post-Multiple-User relationship. However, I am unable to get info of the user on the apps page because Adalo can’t retrieve a specific user’s info as this relationship type is meant for multiple users.

I’d prefer to just use a relationship that is Multiple-Posts-Belonging-To-One-User so I can retrieve info of the user, however if I go down this route I am unable to remove the user from the post. I’d be able to delete the user, but I just want to remove the user, not delete.

Would it be unstable to delete the user, and at the same time recreate the user (duplicate) just so I can remove the user from the post? Would this even work?