Delete images from collection

Guys, hello everyone, how to delete multiple images that belong to the same object? At the touch of a button - thank you!

I have collection “images” and collection “goods”

i need to delete all images that belong to one good

Hi @yarostt,

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You need a new screen and link the button to that screen and add a list of images filtered by current good and a countdown timer inside the list and another countdown timer outside the list.

You can watch these videos made by Victor.

Thank you

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Thank you, this helps me!

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Im sorry, but my problem is not solved.
I will attach screenshots for better understanding

collection “goods”

collection “images”

For example, one good may have 4 images and if user wants to delete one good he also delete these 4 images instant

I think this problem easier then the problem in video

Thanks a lot!

If you mean once the user delete a good then the images that in that good also delete right?

Then you need a new screen and do delete action there and link back ( Like Victor did ). Maybe this video helps you!

Thank you

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