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Hi Guys, I’m just starting with Adalo and learning. Need help with some basic things to get started.

So, To the users type I have added a profile-image field wich is of type image.

I make the image picker update that field to set the users profile image.

I have placed a delete icon on the image that shows up once the image is uploaded.

I find no way to connect the clicking of this icon to delete the image from the field.

How would one go about to achieve this basic task?


Hi @Nemorila ,

This is what I found,

Thanks @Yongki, very strange that this doesn’t seem to be possible.

I am trying to have one simple profile page for users where they can upload and/or delete their profile image.

So I should create a new collection called “Profile Images” for example and then link that to the user?

How would I do to connect the small delete button icon in the corner to know what image to delete in this case?

Also if the user uploads another image, I wouldn’t want it to be a new entry in the database, but just replace the old one.


agree, some things Adalo make our life a lot easier, but other few things are like this, we don’t know what happened to them, why, but it is as it is.

That’s what they say, but that would make unnecessary complexity.

My guess would be to make button as list and filter them with certain id, so we don’t accidentally delete unrelated relations.

I am thinking to just replace it with image placeholder, but by the user, because I try to replace it by action, it won’t change.

I did another try, and it works

The way I did it is have 2 image property, the first is the original picture, the second is filled with image too, but this is image used as image placeholder.

And just replace the first picture property with the second.

But for every user, we need to fill this second property image, so it will consume the storage.

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Thanks, I will try this!

Just make a button and make sure it deletes Logged in user → Profile Picture

make sure to have also a placeholder image when a user deletes his profile picture!

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