Deleted my LOGIN page

guys, i just deleted my login page…
i created a new one and it doesn’t work.
apparently, it treats it as a “NORMAL” screen and not as a “LOGIN” page (i don’t see the key icon on top of the page).
Any suggestions?

and by the way, i deleted the login page because it was automatically logging me in to my HOME page. I checked “chache”, i used a different browser and even a different computer but still same issue.
Not sure what was the problem?

Any help will be really appreciated as i am stuck and can’t do much right now… thanks in advance!

Click on the screen and then by where you change the name of the screen when you edit it you will see the ability to edit the type.

That will get the key back.

You can set for Home, Welcome and Normal.

Let us know if that solves it for you.

Appreciated Tony.
I tried that and it didn’t work

So I just tested it in a app, deleted Login Screen. Re-added login screen using the + and choosing login screen. Relink the buttons, set the login button to go to the home screen after login and it worked for me. Can you post a Loom video of where you are having an issue?

Thanks Tony
It seems my problems are bigger than that… the 2 apps are messed (or mixed) up.
Again appreciated.

OK - well post up a video of what is going on if you like.