Welcome screen is not following the setting. Goes to home page

Hi there

So I have set my “welcome screen” in the setting but it still goes to the screen I set as a home page.
Did anyone encounter this? Please Help.

Thank you

Hi @Mokgosiphb :wave: :wave:

Did you already logged in your app?

Thank you :innocent:

hi @dilon_perera

No, unless I’m logged in and not aware. I’m currently in the back end, I even deleted all my user’s.

Hi @Mokgosiphb

So your users collection is Empty. If you can see the home screen when you open the app log out and open again.
Try to put the screen navigation type to welcome screen for another screen and again add the screen navigation type to welcome screen in the landing screen.
If not work
submit support ticket and see.
And If I’m wrong someone will help you @Mokgosiphb :blush:

Thank you :innocent: